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22nd September 2021
Life of an Associate Product Manager in HealthMetrics

An overcrowded kitchen filled with dishes waiting to be served. The manager does his best to appease the customers while the head chef scrambles to get the next order out. The diners are eagerly waiting for their meal, but the restaurant is operating at maximum capacity. That is the life of a Product Manager.  Hi, I'm Joel, the Associate Product Manager at HealthMetrics and have been working here for the past six months, and I would […]

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23rd August 2021
How to Ace an Interview at HealthMetrics

We get it, interviews are scary. That said, there are ways to make interviews feel much less stressful and just a little preparation time can go a long way.   So, let's cut to the chase - here are our tips on how you can amp up your interview game, and hopefully, ace your interview with HealthMetrics.   Know […]

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12th July 2021
I was entrusted with various responsibilities and was empowered to work on my own after being given...

Having studied in the science stream during secondary school, I've always had clarity on my directions after leaving school. Besides, the engineering traits ran in my family. My interest in technology begun from assembling computers to troubleshooting issues for family and friends. It all started as a hobby, and now I am applying all those […]

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21st June 2021
Spotlight Q&A with CEO and Founder of HealthMetrics, Alvin Yuan

Alvin Yuan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of HealthMetrics. He graduated as a pharmacist and spent the next years of his career in healthcare, financing, business management, economics, and technology.     He has been in the healthcare line all his life, along with his family, so healthcare is his blood. He worked alongside his family’s company, IHM, […]

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20th April 2021
Spotlight Q&A with CTO and Co-founder of HealthMetrics, Advent Phang

Advent Phang is currently the Managing Director of InfinitiLab and the Chief Technology Officer of HealthMetrics. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Multimedia University and went on to receive his first job offer to work as an Analyst Programmer at eGenting after winning 3rd Place at the eGenting Programming Competition 2005.  After years of working […]

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9th March 2021
Whenever I share about the company's culture with my peers, they are always shocked to hear about the...

I still clearly remember my first day of the internship; I was excited yet nervous, not knowing what to expect. I walked into the office, and I sat in the waiting area nervously. As people were coming into the office to start work, a few of them greeted me. Honestly, I was not expecting that […]

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14th January 2021
HealthMetrics work culture is unique as it does not emphasize hierarchical status differences; instead, it promotes transparency and...

For many of you all out there, know that HealthMetrics is going to be the next Big Unicorn! As of 2020, HealthMetrics has experienced rapid growth in revenue, headcount, and product offerings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. By 2021, HealthMetrics would have kick-started its ASEAN expansion.HealthMetrics work culture is unique as it does not emphasize hierarchical […]

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3rd December 2020
We spend a significant proportion of our life at work and therefore should enjoy seeing the people we work with.

The Customer Success department at HealthMetrics is a fascinating and client-centric part of the company. As the department suggests, it is all about ensuring that our clients get the best possible success when using our services and optimising their experiences. The department is fundamental when representing HealthMetrics and communicating with existing customers, making it a client-facing role. One of my favourite characteristics of […]

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16th October 2020
The ability to connect, share and relate to people without meeting them embodies skills

What do I do?    I make outbound calls on a daily basis to qualified prospects for distribution to the sales team. I also work closely with the marketing team to do a quick background check on the prospects/companies that show interest in our articles, eBooks, events, social media posts, and online demonstration requests. Besides that, I arrange appointments and […]

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16th October 2020
Making every interaction count at HealthMetrics

Client support specialists represent the front-liners for most, if not all SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. In HealthMetrics, this is not an exception as client support specialists are all-rounded, helpful individuals who provide technical support for service or product related queries and troubleshoot problems and issues. We also gather user feedback from our clients i.e. healthcare […]

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17th June 2020
The First Employee from HealthMetrics since 2016

I am not a believer of the term Super Salesman. When I first heard of the business idea behind HealthMetrics, I loved it. I was so excited that Jerry and I started working towards the development of these plans almost immediately, even working throughout the Chinese New Year Holiday in 2017!  Personally, I feel that a great product is of the utmost importance as it is the […]

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