23rd August 2021

How to Ace an Interview at HealthMetrics

We get it, interviews are scary. That said, there are ways to make interviews feel much less stressful and just a little preparation time can go a long way.  

So, let's cut to the chase - here are our tips on how you can amp up your interview game, and hopefully, ace your interview with HealthMetrics.  

Know Your Audience  

Do your homework and research about our company so when the question "What do you know about this company?" pops up, you'll be more than ready to answer. Take a look at our website and learn about our accomplishments, values, recent announcements and etc. If this question is not asked, you should try to demonstrate what you know about the company on your own by tying your background and achievements back to the company.  

Now, don't just stop there. Take a second look at the job description of the role you applied for and be prepared to explain your fitness for the job’s roles and responsibilities. Pay attention to keywords such as required skills and focus on the responsibilities of the role. Consider how your professional goals align with the description so you can discuss relevant examples with the hiring team. 

Remember though, a job interview is not an exam: you don’t need to study for hours on end. You just need to do due diligence in researching the company, try to understand what they are looking for in that particular role and ensure that you’re able to discuss what makes you a great fit for the role. 

Be on Time (That Means Early) 

Now that we've been working from home most of the time, we can save a ton of time from travelling. However, that doesn't mean this point is rendered invalid. There are still a lot of ways we can showcase our punctuality.  

One prime example is to email all requested documents (e.g., application form, transcripts, etc.) at least one day before your interview. This allows the hiring team to go through them in advance and lets them know that you're reliable and serious about this job. Look at that, you're already making a good first impression even before the interview.  

Another example is to not be on time for your interview, be at least 10 to 15 minutes early. Yes, that means virtual interviews too. In the 15 to 30 minutes before your interview, check your internet connection and sign on to the link provided by the hiring team for the interview. Do a trial round and test out your sound and video to ensure everything is in working order in time for your conversation. Technical issues are common but they're not completely unavoidable.  

Tip: after almost a year of WFH, we know when technical issues are real and when they're excuses.  

Question Us 

It takes two to tango and it's the same with interviews as well. This is your chance to find out if the job and company are right for you so take full advantage of it and ask us anything (preferably about the role/company but we won't mind telling you what our favourite colour is too). 

You could ask what a typical day in the life of this role looks like if you're new to the position or even ask us to describe the ideal candidate for this position if you'd like to see if what are our expectations for you. The more questions you ask, the more you will be able to know about our company; the people, structure, culture, work environment and etc. You will miss out on a lot of information by not asking enough.  

Be Yourself and Be Confident 

During the interview, try to relax and be authentic. Your body language says as much about you as your answers to the questions and proper preparation can help you exude confidence.  

Remember, you are looking for a career (a long-term professional journey) rather than a job (a short-term goal to earn money). An interview is for both parties to evaluate and reach a common alignment and understanding of what a company can provide and what an employee can contribute to the company. 

At the end of the day, what we really want to see is your authentic self. More than just hard skills, we believe strongly in working with a purpose. 

We hope that you’ll be able to take away some tips from us, and with a bit of luck, we’ll see you here soon!