16th October 2020

The ability to connect, share and relate to people without meeting them embodies skills

What do I do?   

I make outbound calls on a daily basis to qualified prospects for distribution to the sales team. I also work closely with the marketing team to do a quick background check on the prospects/companies that show interest in our articles, eBooks, events, social media posts, and online demonstration requests. Besides that, I arrange appointments and online meetings for the team and get information from the prospect before they conduct their sales presentations.  

Why is it fun to be in this role?  

Other than doing research on the nature of companies and prospects about their medical practices, I get to speak to many people (be it online or via phone call) while also expanding my connections professionally. Many people think that this role is not interesting, probably because they are under the impression that I meet people virtually and not physically, thus eliminating the personal factor.  

On the contrary, I feel that if you can connect to, share with, and relate to people without meeting them, it is a mark of high skill. A lot of patience and enthusiasm are necessary to be good at sales, even more so for online sales! It is fun for me because I am always learning. Every day I learn how to negotiate with different people, or how to pitch to a not-so-friendly prospect, or how to pitch when I am given only 60 seconds because they are rushing to a meeting and have no time to listen to me.  

This role has made me confident, outspoken, courageous, and increased my knowledge of sales. Of course, the people and culture in HealthMetrics have made this experience so much better. Without the many friends I made here, my role and experience would not be the same. I love how I can always approach any one of my teammates to talk about anything, who would patiently listen to me and give me solid advice.  

To those who listened to my thoughts and feedback, thank you very much! Here at HealthMetrics, I have never felt left out or uninformed because the way we communicate here is excellent. The youthful and fun work culture here has made me feel so welcomed and happy to come to work daily.  

P.S. If you think talking on the phone is simple or not challenging, think again lol