3rd December 2020

We spend a significant proportion of our life at work and therefore should enjoy seeing the people we work with.

The Customer Success department at HealthMetrics is a fascinating and client-centric part of the company. As the department suggests, it is all about ensuring that our clients get the best possible success when using our services and optimising their experiences. The department is fundamental when representing HealthMetrics and communicating with existing customers, making it a client-facing role. One of my favourite characteristics of a Customer Success department is how it interacts and works, both directly and indirectly, with many other departments within an organisation.

Since joining HealthMetrics as the Head of Customer Success, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of managing the department and implementing SOPs. I was fortunate to be given a lot of trust by my direct line-manager in stabilising the department and inputting my vision; to which I flourished. One of my first challenges was to understand the behaviour of the clients, where I implemented a customer health scoring system; using different metrics to categorise clients into priority and engagement levels.

The most memorable and proudest moment for me must be the Gala Night 2019. It represented a huge milestone for HealthMetrics and shows how far the company has come. The quality of the event and the esteemed people who attended were a credit to the company and show where we stand in terms of leadership within the industry. I remember standing on the top floor of the event, looking down at everyone, beaming with pride. The night indeed would not have been a success without all the people involved, who demonstrated that hard work pays off. 

With regards to the culture at HealthMetrics, I genuinely believe there is no better working environment! We spend a significant proportion of our life at work and therefore should enjoy seeing the people we work with. The people at HealthMetrics are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and amongst some of the best people, I have had the experience working with. Being a non-Malaysian, I felt instantly part of the work-family and now consider my colleagues personal friends. The office itself represents an open space ambience, with a generous sized pantry and games room for social interaction. One of the best things about HealthMetrics is its strong emphasis on engagement, where we have had many activities and events to strengthen our working relationships (including all religious festivals).

Lastly, and certainly not least, one of the key contributors to the success that my department has achieved is down to the team members themselves. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals within the Customer Success department, who continually impress me with their capability to manage client needs. The close bonds and relationships between the team make managing them a true pleasure. A highlight would be our trip to Penang, where we not only had meetings with our clients but also strengthened our friendships during the evenings. I have the highest trust in their abilities and empower them to work independently and further develop their skillset. If you want to join a department where you will be client-facing and working alongside devoted individuals, then look no further!