12th July 2021

I was entrusted with various responsibilities and was empowered to work on my own after being given...

Having studied in the science stream during secondary school, I've always had clarity on my directions after leaving school. Besides, the engineering traits ran in my family. My interest in technology begun from assembling computers to troubleshooting issues for family and friends. It all started as a hobby, and now I am applying all those knowledge and skills learned into my career as I took up this challenge.  

As I completed my first certification in Electronics Engineering, majoring in Telecommunications, I secured a job with a semiconductor manufacturer and applied what I learnt in the work environment. Having to work around machines is undoubtedly stressless as machines do what it is programmed to do. If the machine encounters a problem, an error will appear, and upon clearing the error, work continues.  

I continued for a few years until I decided to explore HR when the desire to have human interaction favoured over interactions with machines. When I decided to explore and enrolled for a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, I went on further to pursue a Master's in Human Resources.  

Just like many out there, the pandemic had changed my route of career. When I began my journey with HealthMetrics as an intern in the HR department, the first few weeks were challenging as the "new norm" had taken effect. All of us were walking around with face masks, and I had to play the memory game by trying to remember my colleague's faces covered with a facemask! On my second day of internship, I was invited to a get-together with our colleagues over dinner, and I was in a dilemma wondering if this "invitation" is legit or am I being put to the test? Well, gladly, I went for it, and I cherished every moment as the whole table was flooding with so much valuable information.  

The HR team had a great atmosphere and was very engaging. I was entrusted with various responsibilities and was empowered to work on my own after being given initial direction, and because of this, I was constantly learning something new.  

The company was in the growing stage at that time, and I got the opportunity to learn many things and gave my suggestions for improvisations where necessary. To my surprise, my suggestions were taken seriously, given the fact that I am just an intern.  

I dread to think of just how many silly questions I have asked, but I learned that It's okay, and there is no such thing as a silly question because it gave me clarity on my work and helped me to make progress. Moreover, everyone is very welcoming and more than willing to help you succeed. It is an excellent experience because of the utmost incredible environment.   

HealthMetrics encourages individual development and provides necessary tools and resources for their employees to complete their tasks efficiently, which affords employees opportunities to expand their range of capabilities. Furthermore, HealthMetrics has the most supporting and talented leaders who inspire, motivate and challenge their teammates to steer them toward achieving their goals. The culture in HealthMetrics is simply unique not because of the free-flow coffee but the individuals who make the journey in HealthMetrics superlative.  

I vividly remember the day I was offered a permanent role within the company and the IT Department. It was something new for me, but with knowledge of machines and the enthusiasm to learn new technologies, I was sure that I would contribute and help nurture the growth of the Infrastructure and Information Technology department of HealthMetrics.   

Being in this department, I am responsible for the management, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all IT-related equipment and ensuring the availability & growth of IT infrastructure.   

I must express my gratitude to my peers who encouraged and supported me along my journey.  

My internship experiences helped polished my knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field. They taught me valuable lessons that helped me land a full-time job that I am passionate about.