17th June 2020

The First Employee from HealthMetrics since 2016

I am not a believer of the term Super Salesman. When I first heard of the business idea behind HealthMetrics, I loved it. I was so excited that Jerry and I started working towards the development of these plans almost immediately, even working throughout the Chinese New Year Holiday in 2017! 

Personally, I feel that a great product is of the utmost importance as it is the face of the company – it shows the world what we are doing. What sets us apart is that we are serving the people with exactly what they need. It is this belief that convinced me to leave an MNC and join this start-up.  

A lot of start-ups tend to merely disguise digitising conventional practices which is completely the opposite of what we do here at HealthMetrics. We have so many unique selling points that we are moving the market, as such we are becoming the new normal.  

I have failed in a lot of businesses, but I still like it. The best part is to start something from scratch whether it is my own business or working for a start-up. To put it in a more relatable context since majority of us are millennials, I will use the “gaming” analogy. It is like starting a new videogame. I’m sure most of you will agree with me when I say that the most exciting part of a game is in the early stages where you know nothing, you have no idea what is going to happen next, and resources are limited. The sense of mystery, hopes and dreams are like taking steroids giving you the feeling of being invincible. 

Likewise, when the company first launched, resources were limited, work was twice as tough, but it was so exciting! I was happy because I was present at the “nursery stage” where the most exponential growth happens. This is the time to work on the fundamentals and increasing efficiency by doing away with outmoded practices such as SOPs. Without SOPs, decision making is faster, fulfilling client’s needs is a sure thing and efficiency is at its peak, which leads to REAL JOB SATISFACTION.  

Do not get me wrong, though - SOP and compliance procedures are necessary for the initial growth of every company; without them, companies will not advance to the next stage.  

We started from zeroes and the next step can only be us becoming heroes. I am proud to have witnessed the incredible growth of HealthMetrics, and I am sure you will too, as we soar towards greater heights - together.