16th October 2020

Making every interaction count at HealthMetrics

Client support specialists represent the front-liners for most, if not all SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. In HealthMetrics, this is not an exception as client support specialists are all-rounded, helpful individuals who provide technical support for service or product related queries and troubleshoot problems and issues. We also gather user feedback from our clients i.e. healthcare partners (GP clinics, hospitals, optical partners, and dental partners) and our corporate clients.  

Client support specialists belong to HealthMetrics’ very own Client Happiness division and, as the name suggests, we collectively aim to provide overall client support and resolutions for issues raised by either party i.e. panel healthcare partners and/or corporate clients in order to promote client happiness and satisfaction. Also making up the Client Happiness division is the Claims team family where our diligent claim executives strive to work hard in processing and approving/rejecting claims (medical and non-medical) submitted by our clients.  

To sum up, everyone in the Client Happiness division works together to maintain our clients’ overall satisfaction. We synergise and collaborate – traits that we pride ourselves on in HealthMetrics - which results in immense satisfaction with our services and product.